Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll be using this site to document the progression of my Portable Electrophysiology Lab Project, from build stages to eventual pilot studies using the devices as well as share articles and perhaps post essays related to the project.

Who I am:

I am an undergraduate Psychology student at Portland State University and very interested in electrophysiology as a tool for field measurement of cognitive phenomena like stress, sleep, attention, memory, etc. I have always been interested in the meeting point between people, their brains and their culture and am greatly inspired by the neuroanthropology movement. This project is meant to develop equipment and methodology to create a future for doing field research on topics related to both.

What I'm trying to put together:

I'm looking to design a suite of ultra-portable biofeedback devices. Specifically looking to build a bluetooth-enabled, lithium-ion battery powered, dust and water-resistant devices that…
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